What Currently Sells on Fiverr and How You Can Make a Killing on It

Fiverr as you may or may not know it is a marketplace for people willing to offer and pay for gigs (services/products) for a fixed price of 5$ hence the name “Fiverr.”

Finding the right gig to sell can break or make your Fiverr experience. So here I will tell you what the most popular Fiverr concerts are at the writing of this article and why they make it and how you, too, can!

  1. I will draw a cartoon version of your photograph

Category: Graphics

Why: Apart from the fact that the owner of this gig has an incredible artistic talent, he has being a member for a long time; hence his gig has built much credibility over the months.

Lesson: The age of your gig helps as you build your feedback over time. And feedback helps reassure the customer that they will get value for their money. Learn more about how to rank Fiverr gig.

  1. I will submit your website to 2750 search engines and send you to complete reports

Category: Business

Why: SEO is a very time-consuming part of every internet business. Aside, what SEO is: in quick words, it is optimizing your blog/website to rank higher on search engines via various methods, and it so happens that one of the ways is to submit your website/blog to various search engines.

Imagine yourself manually submitting your URL to 2750 search engines, do you know how many days that could take you? It could take you 1375 days or close to 3+years if you submitted two a day. Now you can imagine how many orders he gets by offering to do all these for you only hours.

Lesson: Provide a solution to your customer, and make sure its time effective.

  1. I will send five tweets to my 51,000 Twitter followers for you and your company

Category: Social Marketing

Why: Twitter is a powerful social media tool. The impact of Twitter on driving traffic to your website is unbelievable. So imagine someone sending five tweets to a total of 51,000 engaged followers and let us say only 10% of them click on the link and visit your website, which will be a surge in traffic of 5,100 visits, which could highly convert to a lot if your sales page can convert. Easy SEO friendly method for how to rank on Fiverr.

Lesson: Such traffic has a more excellent value than a 5$, so when marketing on Fiverr, make sure you provide more value than you are currently asking them to pay for.