Mehndi Design

Shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. People in Pakistan, wear it as a day by day schedule dress. Dupatta is additionally a piece of it for ladies living in Pakistan. It isn’t just a causal wear however it is likewise formal wear to wear on any conventional event, for example, weddings, parties, social affairs and so on. It is simple and easy to wear and you can be a lot of agreeable in it.

Generally on mehndi work, the lady wants to wear shalwar kameez. Generally the lady of the hour wears it in a yellow shading or in blend of green however now the pattern has been changed. You will currently observe ladies wearing their mehndi dresses in pinks, turquoise or in blend of yellow and turquoise, or even yellow and pink.


The dress is planned and made excellent with slight weaving or normally gota kinari. Now and then the dress is totally straightforward and plain and just the dupatta is given an extravagant look either with weaving or with different embellishments. Once in awhile even only an extravagant trim is utilized to make the dress formal and appealing.

The lady of the hour as a rule wears “gajras” on the mehndi that adds a look of convention to her dress and gives her an eastern look and makes her look rich and elegant. In some cases the lady’s sisters, cousins and companions wear the dress of same shading as of lady of the hour’s wedding dress. Then again they all can likewise choose a shading topic that everybody wears giving an extraordinary look to the occasion.

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