Being the best HDPE liner suppliers in Dubai, we are proud to deliver the best to our clients. We are here to cater the products with best quality material. We believe that best comes up for the best. Yes, you deserve the best of all. There is no doubt that people earn money with much effort, so we value it. In return, we deliver what our customers truly deserve. The base of any project needs to be reliable. Else the damage may occur soon. Injuries are the result when things are not organized appropriately. So it is better to initiate wisely.

Bringing up the best quality material is not enough. You need to take care when you install any supply or liner. The process has to be overlooked or supervised by a professional. Either you should hire a professional team for it, or there should be your dedication there. Only then things can work accordingly. There is no shortcut when you are on the way to success. You have to follow the complete procedure to reach the endpoint. Likewise, HDPE liners, our Pond liner, and Lake liner are quality based. You can install them to turn your dreams into reality.

HDPE Liner Roll Sizes

  • 0.75mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 280 meter = 1960 sqm/roll
  • 1mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 210 meter = 1470 sqm/roll
  • 1.5mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 140 meter = 980 sqm/roll
  • 2mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 105 meter = 735 sqm/roll
  • 2.5mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 84 meter = 588 sqm/roll
  • 3mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 70 meter = 490 sqm/roll

While talking about the leakage water, make its way when the passage is given. The liner and Water tank we offer to our clients have cleared the tests, and the material tends to be waterproof. The supplies are at best, and they come along with top-notch quality. So whenever you are about to get products do read the review about them. It will help you get into detail. Also, you should do some research work. It will allow you to reach the best product under the supervision of the highly professional team. So it is better to take time than to regret later.

The thickness of HDPE Liner Geomembrane

  • 0.75mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 1mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 1.5mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 2mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 2.5mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 3mm Thick HDPE Liner

For the customers who reside in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Oman, there is good news for you all. We cater service in the region, and we are proud that we are offering our clients with the best. Furthermore, we have solutions available for everyone, either small-scale or large-scale project owner. We intend to serve everyone and fulfil their requirements. It is our reward to satisfy our valuable customers. So we try not to miss even a single opportunity. Also, if the clients are new in the field, we feel great to serve them. We can extend our services to any level our clients need. In return, we expect appreciation from our clients.

For the people who need to deal with Geomembrane have reached to the right place. We cater our services in this range too. Also, the team of professionals is available to assist you with any hurdle or obstacle that comes in your way. You can visit us at any time of the day to us and get the information you require. We will be pleased to serve our clients in the time of need. We will be waiting to be part of your dream project.