Biblical Baby Names

When you’re looking for biblical baby names, it might help to know you’re going to the right place! Names from the Bible are the world’s largest resource for baby names. More Bible baby names are written on birth certificates than any other titles on the planet. So if you choose biblical baby names for your little one, you’re in good company!

Biblical baby names often have connotations that far outreach that of any common name. When you name a child David, for example, you call him after someone who was a great ruler and brought Hope to many. If you name a little girl Sarah, you are offering her the weight of biblical history behind the simple name on her birth certificate.

Here are a few of the more common biblical baby names for girls and the meanings behind them:

By naming your baby girl Faith, you give her one of the three strongest virtues in the Bible are. Hope, Charity and Faith are the three strong Christian virtues. Naming your daughter or son Hope is a reflection of not only the attributes but of the meaning of the term “hope” as well – the belief in better times to come. Charity is considered the greatest of Christian virtues, and in some translations is called “Love.” By naming your child Charity, you give her a whole host of meanings to choose from, and in some small way, make her own throughout her lifetime.

Naming your baby boy Aaron means he will always be known as a “mountain of strength” or a “shining light.” A child named Adam is reminiscent of the Genesis book of the Bible. The name Jason might be useful for a future doctor, as the biblical name means “to heal.” Calling someone Jeremiah also says “raised or appointed by God” – a foreshadowing of a person who will do great things, perhaps?

Jacob was the most common name for boys in 2007. It’s one of the biblical baby names, too. Inside the Bible, John is the son of Isaac and Rebekah. He had twelve sons, who founded the twelve tribes of Israel. The translate/meaning of the name Jacob is “to follow” or “to succeed.”

Isabella, derived from Elizabeth, was one of the most common baby names in the world in 2007. In the Bible, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and a cousin to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Turn to the “good book” to find all the biblical baby names, many of which have been popular for centuries. You are sure to find one suitable for naming your baby boy or girl! By giving your child one of the Bible baby names, you’re making sure they have a great name to be proud of and a name with a good story behind it. That’s one of the most beautiful gifts a parent could ever give their beloved son or daughter.