Xiaomi mi band 4 vs mi band 5 and The definitive comparison

Which of the two Mi Band is better? Xiaomi mi band 4 vs mi band 5 ? Do not miss the detailed comparison and the news of the latest model.

Xiaomi has once again brought to market the new model of its already well-known and ultra-economical smart bracelet , the Mi Band 5. But gossips say that there is hardly any difference with the previous model and that the few euros of difference are not worth it . To clear up your doubts, we have analyzed both models so that you can see what makes each one special. Know more about phone repair near me in USA.

Differences between Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Mi band 5

If you are not clear with the technical specifications, then we will explain all the differences between both models in three sections (Design, Battery and Functions), we will solve all the doubts about the NFC and we will give you our recommendations on which model to buy.


Xiaomi has not gotten too wet in the design of the Mi Band 4 vs. the Mi Band 5, in fact at first glance there are not many clues that indicate which of the models we are facing. Although the screen of the Mi Band 5 is slightly larger (0.381cm) compared to the previous model, gaining 20% ​​more useful surface, what is surprising is the extra brightness it provides (50 nits more than the previous model) making it easier for us to see the screen outdoors. Learn more about phone repair cost in United States.

The trick to differentiate the Mi Band 4 from the new Mi Band 5 is its more than 100 themes to exchange (compared to the limited 77 of the Mi Band 4) among which we find dynamic watch faces and even some with personalized functions.

As for the feeling of wearing it, if you had already tried the Mi Band 4 we can tell you that it is just as comfortable and if you had not tried any of these models, we assure you that you will not notice that you are wearing it. And since we are talking about wearing it, we have good news: the Mi Band 4 straps are compatible with the Mi Band 5 and vice versa. You will only have to remove the device itself and place it on a strap of the color that you most want.

For the rest, there is no difference between the Mi Band 4 vs. the Mi Band 5: the official straps are still made of TPU (plastic), they can be submerged up to 50 meters under water and both have 2.5D tempered glass to protect them as much as possible. of those unwanted scratches.


If you have had the Mi Band 4 you will know what it means to have to remove the device from the strap every time you want to charge it. Well, although this did not involve too much effort either, Xiaomi has decided to innovate in its charging system so that this does not happen again. Although the Mi Band 4 had a pressure connector, the Mi Band 5 has a magnetic charger that not only allows us to charge it with the strap on, but also slightly reduces the total charging time (with a total time of less than two hours to 100% charge according to Xiaomi)

The bad news in all this is that the battery life of the Mi Band 5 is reduced from 20 to 15 days. For some this could be a drama, but the new model more than justifies it with the increase in functionalities and continuous monitoring sensors.


At this point, if we can talk about news, it is that the number of functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs Mi Band 5 has increased considerably , thus justifying the need for a new version for Xiaomi’s smart bracelet.

The fitness tracker of the Mi Band 5 has 11 sports modes (against 6 of the previous model) including: Outdoor running, pool swimming, cycling, walking, treadmill, freestyle, indoor cycling, jump rope, yoga, elliptical, rowing machine. In addition, the new model records the Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) activity index, which helps track and understand your physical activity even better.

Between what we do and do not do sports, both the Mi Band 4 and the Mi Band 5 record our heart rate automatically 24 hours a day. But in this sense, the new Xiaomi model includes improvements in its performance, since it monitors the heart rate more frequently and will notify us when it detects irregularities.

The improvements of the Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4 go beyond sports practice, and that is that the new model tracks sleep patterns more efficiently, even with a REM detection system (against the Mi Band 4 that did not have this last functionality)

Finally and one of the decisive points to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 are its new female health functions: menstrual period registration, ovulation rhythm tracking and reminder settings. Quite a wonder!


The NFC, or what has been the technology to “pay without a card” is the big problem both in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and in the Mi Band 5. Although both models exist in their versions with and without NFC, we have to warn that the NFC versions are only sold in China and are only compatible with their payment methods.

Currently, the versions that we find in Spain for both models are without NFC, but Xiaomi has not stopped marketing new versions with NFC for other countries such as Russia. Does this mean that at some point we will have the Mi Band 4 or 5 with NFC in Spain? Only time will tell.

What Mi Band did I buy? Is it worth going from 4 to 5?

If you already have the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 , we do not recommend you to update to the new version unless the new sports features are of great interest to you. If we stop to look at both models above, we will hardly notice changes and if you are one of those who uses this type of bracelets to receive notifications and little else, it is not worth the change.

If you do not have any Xiaomi Mi Band, do not hesitate to get the new model, since the price difference with the previous one is not that great (especially if we get an offer) and its new functionalities, although reduced, are an extra to take into account. for the price difference.

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Xiaomi MiBand 4 Xiaomi MiBand 5
screen type OLED 0.95″ touch OLED 1.1″ touch
water protection 5ATM (50 meters) 5ATM (50 meters)
screen resolution 240 x 120 pixels 294 x 126 pixels
glass protection 294 x 126 pixels 2.5D tempered glass
Brightness of the screen 400 nits 450 nits
strap material TPU TPU
Weight 22.1g (without NFC) 22.2g (with NFC) 11.9g (without NFC) 12.1g (with NFC)
sensors Voice commands (NFC version only)
accelerometer PPG heart rate sensor
Smart assistant (NFC version only)
accelerometer PPG heart rate sensor (with IR detection on NFC model)
Battery duration +20 days +15 days

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