We tested the Renault Arkana E-Tech, the hybrid variant of the brand

We tested the Renault Arkana E-Tech, the brand’s most powerful self-recharging hybrid version. We love it for the great efficiency it achieves and the driving pleasure it undoubtedly generates. We tell you how the experience has been.

After the launch of the entire new range of its Arkana, Renault decided to put on the market what should be the top-selling version of the model, the E-Tech . Its driving does not leave you indifferent, we tell you its virtues and the details it contains. Know more about vw volkswagen t4 ne shitje.

Identical to the rest of the range with great interior space

Its global aesthetic is the well-known SUV coupé that is so fashionable today, with its roof drop towards the rear so apparent and with minimal differences compared to its “Mild Hybrid” brothers in the range. It is easily recognized by its “E-Tech” logo that it displays on its rear.

Of course , its measurements are the standard Arkana (length: 4.57 m, height: 1.58 m, width: 1.82 m), expressing its SUV vocation and shapes also thanks to a remarkable ground clearance of 20 cm. .

Although it has been built on the platform of the Captur (not that of the Kadjar), its large dimensions logically provide a very noticeable interior habitability, generating up to 211 millimeters of rear space for legs and knees and with a capacity for the trunk of the most extensive of its segment with 480 liters that are extended to 1,263 liters by reclining the rear seats and having a very well designed double height in the trunk that allows the various load elements to be perfectly located.

In principle, the Renault Arkana E-Tech is offered in “Intens”, “Zen” and “RS Line” finishes , the latter being a very sporty version with very marked bumpers and many exterior details in black, as well as wheels. really successful and eye-catching 18” alloy wheels.

Inside, its 10.25” digital instrument panel stands out very clearly, which together with its large 9.3” central vertical touch screen incorporates multiple entertainment and communication operating functions in a very direct and easy way.

A self-recharging hybrid propulsion of maximum optimization

After the launch of the model a few months ago, including the 12-volt “Mild Hybrid” versions based on the well-known 1.6 petrol combustion engine, this E-Tech variant was launched, which combines the same 1.6 94-litre petrol engine CV with two electric motors (36 and 15 kW) , distributing the main one on the front axle next to the combustion engine and the secondary one on the rear axle.

This combination of the three engines achieves a combined total power of 145 hp , which has been mounted with management through a multimode gearbox (designed as a result of Renault’s experiences in Formula 1), which can have up to 15 relationships without possible sequential use, but can be improved and energized by using the “Sport” mode.

The set is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.2 kW/h to feed both electric motors and providing a range of 5 km in 100% electric mode .

The automatic regeneration of the battery by recovering energy from braking and deceleration is completed with the surplus energy of the gasoline engine, allowing an overall fuel consumption of 4.8 to 5 litres/100 km (WLTP), which constitutes a very acceptable level.

The New Renault Arkana E-Tech always starts in electric mode, gradually incorporating the internal combustion engine to always be supported by the electric ones when necessary, thus generating highly optimized electricity consumption with 40% savings in gasoline and a large reduction in carbon emissions. CO2 accordingly. Suffice it to say that on urban journeys, up to 80% exclusive use of the electric motor can be achieved.

The performance achieved with this propulsion set is fast and fluid, especially on urban routes, managing to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.8 seconds and with a great immediate response also in the city.

Worthy of mention is the new suspension that has been mounted and that produces good sensations of firmness and comfort, as well as a steering with a very direct and precise touch that helps a lot to feel the firmness under the wheels at all times.

The optimization and ecology provided by the new Renault Arkana E-Tech are accompanied by a highly silent ride with great dynamism, which, without a doubt, makes it possible to feel that you are enjoying a unique high-tech car.

Of course, access the “ECO” identification of the DGT for correct use in large cities and in the most congested areas.

High-level standard equipment with great optional possibilities

The Renault Arkana E-Tech has standard equipment at the height of the latest in the sector , drawing attention to the following contents that it has:

  • Sistema multimedia “Easy Link
  • “ Multisense ” customization system
  • Premium “ Bosé ” audio system
  • Driving support system ” Easy Drive ” that incorporates a dozen driving assistance systems
  • 9.3-inch screen
  • rear traffic sensor

Optionally , to all of the above, many contents can be added to the car, such as:

  • heated steering wheel
  • standard emergency wheel
  • Security pack with blind spot and rear traffic detector
  • Specific navigation pack
  • Range of customization accessories
  • Electric and heated front seats with driver’s seat lumbar adjustment
  • Wide range of customization colors

Affordable prices with important promotions and discounts

It was launched on the market last June with content, aesthetics and technology that have positioned it as a truly innovative and striking model within its segment.

As for its economic cost, the Arkana range has accessible prices with a good quality/price positioning in all cases. We detail below the prices, with and without discounts.

Microhybrid Versions P.V.P. (€) PRICE with discount (€)
Intens TCe 140 CV EDC 27.380 26.030
Zen TCe 140 CV EDC 29.480 28.025
R.S. Line TCe 140 CV EDC 32.080 30.495
R.S. Line TCe 160 CV EDC 33.400 31.749
E-TECH versions P.V.P. (€) PRICE with discount (€)
Intens E-TECH Hybrid 145 CV 28.780 27.360
Zen E-TECH Hybrid 145 CV 30.880 29.355
RS Line E-TECH Hybrid 145 CV 33.500 31.844

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