Unveil 2022: The new digital advertising solutions, under discussion [event]

Without a doubt , 2020 and 2021 have been years full of strong changes in the world , both in an economic, social and cultural aspect. However, towards the end of the latter and in recent months, a recovery process has been appreciated. This has led the economy and the digital system to regain greater stability, in an environment that is much more digitally oriented.

This new era in which we find ourselves can be a great challenge for many companies, businesses or freelancers. This based on the great changes that have occurred in the market motivated by the accelerated transition from offline to online. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly necessary to keep up with the trends and new tools available in the digital world.

New consumer cultures demand more optimized advertising

Based on this need to update within the digital ecosystem, Outbrain , the world’s leading platform for content recommendations, has decided to launch its next event. Unveil 2022 , as the event will be called, will be a great opportunity for publishers and advertising enthusiasts Since they will be able to catch up with the digital advertising solutions necessary to make a brand successful within the current landscape.

This event will take place during one day, in three different regions: Americas EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) . Each region will present the event on a different date, starting with America on March 15, EMEA on March 16 and finally APAC on March 17. On the other hand, it will have an estimated duration of 40 minutes, and if you register and cannot attend a recording of the event will be sent to the person’s email. Check out more on article site.

What will be the Unveil 2022 agenda

As announced by Outbrain, during the 40-minute event, the 3 areas of innovation that encompass the most demanded marketing areas in the current ecosystem will be explored. These areas would be: creativity, performance and simplicity. For each of these, the company’s team of speakers will speak from their own experience while presenting different solutions, tips and guides to get the most out of the areas mentioned.

Some of the company’s success stories will also be presented during 2021, with companies such as Lifesum 6H Media or L’Oréal Paris . The latter with a campaign where both men and women were motivated to take a step forward against situations of street harassment.

With this programming, this next Unveil promises to present an instruction rich in dynamism and practicality, qualities that have also taken on great importance in the current scenario. That said, it’s an opportunity to experience changes in the advertising space firsthand that can’t be missed.

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