The cost of obtaining a China visa for Russians

If you are interested in the price of a visa for China, then you are in the process of collecting and processing documents. Try asking friends and acquaintances who have already visited the Middle Kingdom, and many will have a hard time answering how much a visa cost them. Or they will call completely different prices. That should come as no surprise. Everyone shares their experience. It’s different for everyone.

Someone paid more for a permit to go to China, someone less. For some Russians, price is not important, for others it is essential. Know more about Podgorica.

Going to China, Russians and citizens of other CIS countries choose their specific path. Some intend to solve all things by issuing a visa themselves, while others entrust the work to special companies that provide such services.

If you collect the documents yourself and submit them to the consular department of the embassy, ​​you will only be charged a visa fee. In 2017, the tariffs of previous years are current.

If you apply to the Visa Application Center, the price of a Chinese visa will depend on the centre’s fees. Each agency sets its own prices. These may include:

  • consular fee;
  • preparation of document packages;
  • call;
  • delivery and other services.

Before choosing an intermediary between yourself and the embassy, ​​compare prices so you don’t overpay. Keep in mind that prices vary greatly.

Another important factor that changes the price in one direction or another is the nature of the document received. Visa can be:

  • multiple;
  • double;
  • single.

It all depends on how many times you plan to enter the country. With a one-time license, you can only do this once. You can cross the border multiple times in both directions multiple times. Of course, the price also varies. In addition, there are two types of multiple permits: annual and semi-annual. The price of the document varies depending on the length of stay.

It is also worth noting that some visa applicants are willing to wait for the standard period. For China, it’s 5 days. Others want to get a visa within two or even a day. The principle applies here: the more urgent, the more expensive.

The last factor that affects the price is citizenship.

Some tariffs are set for Russians, others for citizens of other countries.

Everyone calls different prices because it went its own way. The cheapest option is to apply for a visa at the consulate on your own within 5 days.

The basic cost of one entry into China

Keep in mind that when traveling through the websites of companies that provide registration assistance, you will be faced with the fact that the rates of many companies are marked with a single number, which varies depending on the company.

To find out how much your assistant will receive for his services, deduct 1,500 rubles from the stated cost, which is the cost of issuing one permit to enter the Heavenly Kingdom for Russians in 2017. The rest is the cost of intermediary services. It is often more than half the price of a visa.

Jobs are not cheap. But this way you save time and get rid of the need to fill your head by collecting paper. You are guaranteed that all documents will be filled in correctly. Therefore, you will get permission and will soon be able to travel to China.

It should be noted that in some cases, a visa can cost 300 rubles cheaper. Issuing a group permit for tourists or business people traveling to China for business or a conference costs 1,200 rubles.

It is worth noting that visa centers are suitable for residents of settlements where there are no consulates. They also contact travel agencies that provide intermediary services. As a result, you save money because you don’t have to go anywhere.

How much does a double and one-time visa cost?

You may not be satisfied with any visa that allows you to stay in China from 30 days (for tourists and business people) to six months and that allows you to enter the country only once. In this case, you can request permission for two entrances (twice for crossing the state border in one direction) or multiple (a large number of entrances).

A double visa can give you permission to visit the country twice: each time for 30, 60 or 90 days. It depends on the purpose of your visit. In any case, you have to pay a consular fee of 3 thousand rubles.

A multiple permit, regardless of whether it is issued for six months or a year, will cost 4,500 rubles. There are also restrictions on such a visa, which you should pay attention to when processing documents so that you do not have to pay fines in the future.

How much for urgency

When applying for a Chinese visa, two urgency options are allowed:

  • in two days;
  • in the day.

In the first case, regardless of the category of visa, you will have to add 900 rubles to the price of the document.

If you are in a hurry and want your documents to be processed in one day, you must add another 2,100 rubles to the consular fee, and you can go to China tomorrow.

Tariffs in force for Russians do not apply to citizens of other countries.

How much does a visa for foreigners cost?

Citizens of other CIS countries, who apply to the Chinese embassy, ​​will receive a different price list. For most, a standard one-time visa will cost 900 rubles. If an application for a double entry permit is submitted, the consular fee is 1350 rubles.

It is important to note that the cost of multiple travel permits to China, unlike the tariffs in force for Russians in 2017, depends on the length of stay.

So, in six months you have to pay a fee – 1800 rubles. The amount will increase if the visa is issued for one year and will amount to 2700 rubles.

As for urgency, you have to pay 600 rubles to speed up the process in two days. The maximum urgency of the applicant will cost 900 rubles.

It turns out that foreigners can travel to China cheaper. You should know that the bank will charge you another 2.5% of the amount of paid services when paying the tariff.

You can pay at the consulate if you use one of the following cards:

  • MasterCard;
  • maestro;
  • VISA;
  • MasterCard Electronic;
  • VISA Electron.

If you intend to pay in cash, you must contact the bank no later than two days before issuing the permit.

According to the rules of the Chinese side, the consular fee must be paid for each child, regardless of whether he has his own passport or is included in the parents’ documents.

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