PcComponentes integrates with BigBuy to expand its electronics catalog by 15,000 references

PcComponentes integrates with BigBuy to expand its electronics catalog by 15,000 references

The BigBuy wholesale platform has reached an agreement with PcComponentes so that its customers can easily integrate their catalogs and sell on this electronics marketplace, the leader in the sector in Spain.

BigBuy thus takes another step forward in its integration strategy with the main European marketplaces, such as Amazon, Aliexpress , Carrefour or Ebay, an ecosystem in which PcComponentes plays a key role. This marketplace accumulates more than 10 million unique users per month and in 2021 it registered more than 470,000 orders and €82M of GMV only in its marketplace. Those who take advantage of the alliance between these two ecommerce references will be able to sell more than 15,000 electronic references available in the BigBuy catalog at PcComponentes.

“It is an honor to collaborate with PcComponentes, one of the main players in the ecommerce sector in our country” , says Salvador Esteve , Co-CEO and Co-Founder of BigBuy. “With this agreement, we offer our clients the possibility of multiplying their sales in a leading portal in the electronics sector. And to do it, moreover, with unique conditions”. Check out more on article site.

“We have wanted to work with BigBuy for a long time” , they explain from PcComponentes. “It is nice to see how two Spanish companies join forces to be able to offer a better service to consumers. In this case, it will translate into a greater assortment of the catalog both in PcComponentes.com and in unilae.com, as well as guaranteeing a quality of service that meets our standards.”

As BigBuy explains on its website , to carry out the integration with PcComponentes, BigBuy customers must create a seller account in the marketplace, in addition to having an active marketplaces pack and having the BigBuy connector for PcComponentes. Once they have synchronized their catalogs through the multi-channel integration platform, BigBuy customers will be able to adjust multiple parameters of their business , such as those related to the logistics area (shipping times, logistics companies with which to make their shipments, etc. ).

Those BigBuy customers registered before May 1, 2022 and who meet certain service levels will benefit from special conditions.

BigBuy gives its customers the possibility of selling on all kinds of online platforms, whether they are marketplaces or eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify or PrestaShop). To do this, it offers a catalog with thousands of references, including many leading brands. In addition to the catalogue, BigBuy offers its customers technology and logistics services.

This integration also comes at an important moment for the evolution of PcComponentes, which sees 2022 as the year in which GMV reaches 100 million euros (23% more than in 2021) and launches Unilae , its new category marketplace. In this sense, the Murcian company has recently published its new app, in alliance with Reskyt , which will also be in charge of the next launch of the mobile application for Unilae.

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