Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022, a compact family with great capacity

Already in the marketing process is the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022, that is, the family version of the Opel Astra that was presented in September of last year in its 5-door variant, with a larger trunk, greater roominess and several engines.

The family version of the well-known Opel Astra with its 5-door bodywork represents a significant increase in capacity due to the new and impressive bodywork. The dimensions of the Sport Tourer are much higher than those of his brother , with 26.8 cm in length, 3.9 cm in height and a little more wheelbase, 2.73 m against 2.67 m. Know more about daihatsu ne shitje.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022 Length m Anchura m Height m Batalla m trunk liters
  4,642 1,860 1,480 2,730 608 -1.634

However, when compared to the previous generation of this variant, it is shorter by 6 cm due to a much smaller front overhang, achieving that effect of greater interior space and habitability without the need to increase the overall length of the model, which many Manufacturers look at their new designs and rarely do they get it.

The trunk is probably one of the strengths of this new 2022 Astra Sports Tourer, with its 608 -litre capacity, convertible to 1,634 liters by folding down the rear seats and achieving a completely flat surface for easy loading.

In the electrified versions , the capacity of the trunk is somewhat reduced by the space occupied by the batteries that are placed on the floor, going to 548 liters and 1,574 liters if we lower the seats .

In the versions with thermal engine , the “ Intelli-Space ” system can be added, which provides a better distribution of the trunk, with its mobile loading floor and various heights and angles. In this way, the puncture repair or first aid kit can be placed under the floor and accessed directly from the trunk or from the rear seats if necessary.

available thrusters

The offer of propellants is not as wide as that of the 5-door variants, the brand having selected those most logical engines for an adequate offer in this sector of family compacts.

This new Astra Sports Tourer is offered with both internal combustion and hybrid engines , the initially available being:

  • Gasoline : same engine split into two powers
    • 2 cc con 110 CV
    • 2 cc con 130 CV
  • Diesel :
    • 5 con 130 CV
  • Plug-in hybrid: 180 hp 1.6 PHEV (although later versions will be available that will reach 225 hp)

These engines, widely known, are of great performance and provide remarkable dynamism , becoming perfect competitors of their rivals in their market segment.

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High level equipment

As in the 5-door versions, the equipment is of a very high level , with exclusive finishes and important comfort technologies and driving aids .

Practically, except for small details, the equipment is identical to the Opel Astra 5p in all its presentations, incorporating the most striking content:

  • Ultra-ergonomic Nappa leather-trimmed front seats (certified by  AGR: Campaign for Healthier Backs), which can optionally offer  driver ventilation and massage
  • Heating in all seats (front and rear)
  • Wireless connectivityApple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Head-up display Intelli-HUD as an option, as a state-of-the-art assistance system
  • Latest version Intelli-Lux LED Pixel Adaptive Matrix Lighting
  • Intelli-Drive 2.0 semi-autonomous driving system  .

The price of the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer starts at €22,700 including all available discounts and promotions, as the price of access to this interesting family range of the model.

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