gets 7 million euros to boost its international expansion , the Spanish startup specialized in attracting online technological talent for companies, raised 7.5 million dollars (about 6.9 million euros) in a financing round led by Kibo Ventures. Other investor funds in Europe have also participated, such as Point Nine, LocalGlobe, All Iron Ventures, eFounders, Kima and Shilling.

With this new impetus, the company will seek to expand into new international markets, with the United Kingdom as the spearhead for this opening outside of Spain. “From today the British market already has our services available, which support both recruiters and technological candidates throughout the entire selection process. Large companies such as FORM3, Nested and Dow Jones have already joined our network” , said the CEO and co-founder of, Pedro Torrecillas .

A reversed model for the job search

Circular emerged in 2019 from the hands of Pedro Torrecillas and Teo Ruiz, both former employees of Jobandtalent, the online job search platform considered the “Indeed” (popular US job search engine) in Spain.

It is a network that connects professionals who are experts in technology with organizations that are constantly looking for technological talent . The platform has a wide network of  recruiters who evaluate the profiles of those who sign up and make a pre -selection to derive the best options for companies seeking to hire. According to the company itself, this collaborative system gives the green light to those responsible for selection to “facilitate work and hire up to 10 times faster with guarantees of success” . Check out more on article site.

The platform’s numbers show that almost a thousand contracts have already been made and that up to 20,000 interviews have been managed per year in companies such as Ryanair, Inditex and Glovo , among others. Currently, their network has more than 5,500 active recruiters and more than 19,000 candidates.

From the startup they also clarify that if, once the selection process is over, there is a candidate who has not accepted the position, the recruiter can recommend him to his counterparts who are looking for candidates with similar profiles. “With each recommendation they make, recruiters reinforce their own profile within Circular and strengthen the power of the network. For their part, the candidates gain visibility, being able to access more and better job opportunities with the best experience in the guaranteed selection processes”, they point out in a Circular.

How to join

The candidate who joins Circular can create their profile in just 3 minutes, indicating what type of job they are looking for, which will help them obtain their first recommendation. This can come from a recruiter, a co-worker or the Circular team itself.

When evaluating your profile, the recruiter looks for relevant positions for that candidate in companies that belong to your network, subsequently sharing your profile with said companies. It should be noted that this process is completely confidential.

In addition, the candidate will have the option of choosing the interview that best suits their needs and will have the help of the recruiter at all times in case of any concerns they want to resolve. With all this, seeks to provide candidates with a better experience when it comes to finding a new job on the Internet.

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