José Javier Díaz (Wallet Com): «The wallet offers 70% acceptance, 80% attention and 90% retention»

José Javier Díaz (Wallet Com): «The wallet offers 70% acceptance, 80% attention and 90% retention»

Wallet Com is a new innovative communication channel with clients and prospects, with partners and fans, with militants and supporters, with citizens and tourists, or with employees, which uses wallets (electronic wallets for iPhone and Android mobiles) in the format of digital card that can be a card, a passport, a ticket, a ticket, an invitation, a pass, an offer card, a gift card, an appointment system, an invitation to a vehicle test, a guarantee of a product, a reservation system, click & collect … (there are many use cases) that, in addition to being personalized, are updatable in real time and allow you to receive “Push Wallet” messages without having to download an App.

This SaaS technology platform is a pioneer and leader in Europe in the development and management of this technology , global partners of Apple and Google. In addition, its results are proven since it currently has more than 150 clients who use it in more than 100 countries, including: Ikea , Decathlon , Carrefour , Air France, Accor Hotels, Club Med, Shiseido, Guerlain, Zadig&Voltaire, IKKS, Lacoste , Nespresso, Seat, Hyundai, Renault, Europcar, First Stop, McDonald’s, Lavinia, Conforama, ESIC, CEU University, associations, political parties, institutions, etc.

You have more than 20 years of experience in the digital sector. How have you seen its evolution during these years? What changes have been the most outstanding for you? Check out more on article site.

Those of us who are already a few years old can say with knowledge that the world is not the same as it was before the internet. Our children have been born in an environment in which the normal thing is to be able to have almost everything or any information “here and now” at the click of one or two clicks anywhere.

Since digitization we have seen constant and rapid changes at all levels and in all sectors, in communication channels, in data, in artificial intelligence, in the use of technologies, in leisure, at work, in consumer legal protection… I will cite the four that I consider most relevant

  • Social networks : The change in the relationship between brands and their consumers, going from a “One to Many” message to a “Many to Many” message through social networks , although the availability of information from all over the world in at all times it has become the current ” Infodemic” (excess information turned into a distorted information pandemic of false messages, hoaxes, memes and the like). Result: a lack of trust and fidelity of the users in the information.
  • eCommerce: The increasing importance of “One to One” through personalization and user experience, including from the union of the physical and digital world (” Phigital “) through omnichannel, to ” dropshipping ” , that is, online shopping with home delivery in ultra-short times, something unthinkable until very recently. Result : globalization and consumerism.
  • Digital brokers: Changes in existing market models through “Digital Brokers”, for example, to buy a home (Idealista), to book a hotel (Booking), to watch a movie (Netflix), to buy a subscription model vehicle, etc. Result: faster business due to “Many to Many” digitization.
  • New pure digital businesses (pure players): New digital businesses that did not exist before digitization, such as Data Clouds, Esports, Metaverses, etc. As well as all those that are coming from the hand of blockchain technology or “chains of blocks” such as Cryptocurrencies, Crypto-art, NFTs… Result: decentralization of power, control, security and total dependence on computer systems.

Possibly the greatest changes are yet to come, which will come from the hand of robotics and energy . Regarding the first through nanotechnology and quantum super computers, and the second from new clean and economic energies such as green hydrogen. Will they result in a better world, with fewer inequalities and happier? We look forward to seeing you.

How did the idea of ​​creating Wallet Com come about? How long has the project been active?

As an expert in marketing, loyalty, CRM and DMP, when I learned about this new Wallet digital channel from the hand of Captain Wallet I discovered what we had always wanted in “One to One” marketing, to be able to have a direct communication channel with customers on their mobiles without relying on apps, customizable and updatable in real time. When I also discovered that it allows you to receive push messages without an app, the easy implementation of Wallet projects and its ability to carry out campaigns in a much shorter time than any other channel, with a greater impact and at a much lower cost, I thought : If something is good and also has already been tested in other more advanced countries in Europe, this will also work in Spain and in Latam. And we signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Spain, Portugal and Latam with the leading technology in Europe in the development and management of this new channel: Wallet Communication. We have been active for just a year now and we are already working with direct clients and we are signing agreements with leading digital agencies and technology and loyalty consultants.

How does Wallet Com work? 

It consists of a SaaS platform , from which digital cards and campaigns are created without the need to know any code (everything is WYSIWYG). The automation of campaigns and the “push wallet” messages are configured to be sent according to the date, for example, to congratulate your clients on their birthday, according to the time, for example, of the term that remains available for a campaign, of the user’s activity (if comes, if he buys, if he doesn’t buy, if he abandons a cart…) or simply for the execution of campaigns such as the launch of a new product, a service and simply putting the relevant information for the user in his hand, on his mobile at a click, without the need for a username or password, and that’s it, done!

We started with a process called onboarding , which consists of inviting customers and prospects to add their card or personal card to their mobile, either through an invitation by email, from the web, through campaigns on social networks or programmatic, even from the App itself, either by clicking on a link or simply by scanning a QR code, for example at the checkout in the store, on posters, screens and even in TV campaigns.

Then comes the management of our audiences and campaigns in a very simple way, we can do it either directly from our platform or through integration via API with any system (ERP, POS, Ecommerce, CRM, Loyalty), and via plugin with the leading CRM like SalesForce, Selligent, Adobe, Siebel, Actito , and leading Loyalty Engines like Comarch, Maxxing or Loyal Guru .

The results do not take long to appear with ratios higher than any other direct channel and visible in the short term: we obtain at least 70% acceptance  (customers who download their personal card in the Wallet), 80% attention  (customers with a Wallet card downloaded who see our campaigns) and 90% retention (customers who keep their Wallet card after 12 months).

How did you become partners with Apple and Google?

Captain Wallet is approximately 6 years old, they have raised investment funds worth several million euros and is currently made up of more than fifty technicians specialized in Wallet alone, developing, optimizing and generating new functionalities around the Wallet technology of Apple and Google, and as market leaders, our technical team is trained with knowledge from Apple and Google that not many people in the world know in detail.

What are the clients using Wallet Com like? What needs do they pose?

TWe have clients from all sectors (fashion, retail, travel, automotive, mass consumption, restaurants, sports, energy, insurance, finance, education, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, shopping centres, etc. and of almost all sizes (both in B2C and in B2B).They all tell us about the need to improve their results, faster and generating a positive digital experience for customers (bored with emails that are not opened and go into spam trays, SMS that are expensive and inefficient, of apps that, after a high cost of development, very few customers download on their mobile…) Regardless of the degree of digitization or maturity of the company, everyone agrees on the need to reach their customers in a non-intrusive way, with an impact on the right time personalized for each client, and that generates measurable sales.

We offer a complete solution in 3 easy steps:

  1. Onboarding: Through Wallet Com we digitize consumers or potential buyers without friction (easy to use, without usernames or passwords, without spam, and without the risk of phishing , in just 2 clicks).
  2. Engagement : we create a close relationship of trust and engagement between the brand and the consumer by having a personal card format and being on their mobile without being just another App.
  3. Activation: we act in real time with a personal message or offer for each user at the right time, so that we are relevant to the client and generate an experience and results like no other direct channel.

What are the most common uses of your tool?

There are many use cases and success stories. The most used is a personal customer loyalty card with a balance of points or a digital accumulated monetary balance for use in subsequent purchases or as a Cashback amount .

We also have cards for premium clients or VIP clients , without points or balances, simply as preferential cards for access to services or special benefits. We have cases of offer cards for capturing leads and converting them into new customers by accumulating seals or badges  for repeat purchases. We have cases of digital pure players  for online order tracking , abandoned cart recovery, cross-selling, reporting delivery processes and returns management. Also business with click & collect  where the card is the proof for the delivery of a product or service.New customer card to reduce churn  or loss of customers in the processes of registering or renewing policies or subscriptions.

Others like appointment card for vehicle tests. With other clients we are their digital membership card, affiliate card, supporter card, collegiate or federated card, student card or student card. In many cases, we are also the entrance ticket to an event, a talk, access to a race, and even to an area only for VIPs. For large corporations we are also the employee card through which the company communicates with all employees in all countries in a transparent and uniform way.

What benefits will they get by using this and not other channels? 

The Wallet is the direct communication channel with the best results, with 70% acceptance, 80% attention and 90% retention . The emails have very low rates of openings and clicks, as well as problems with spam trays and phishing or identity theft to try to steal user data. SMS have a high cost and a lack of credibility due to smishing . Citizens do not want to receive phone calls and even less to contract from someone who calls by phone and they do not know who it is ( vishing). Social networks are full of hoaxes and instant messaging is considered quite intrusive and in many cases a channel from which we expect a response in real time receives an automatic response message and is never heard from again… And the Apps frequently remain inactive as they are not prepared to communicate efficiently, so they end up being erased. Therefore, the Wallet is the most efficient direct channel that currently exists in the relationship with customers and prospects.

Can you give us an example of a success story with any of them?

There are many cases, the important thing is that we measure our results in sales and sales increases, not in opens, clicks, unique clicks, but in business results. Etam, one of the largest lingerie chains, has increased its results in just one year. Comparing customers with a digital Wallet card versus those who use a physical plastic card, their recurrence of purchase has increased by 32% , with an average expenditure of more than €43, which represents an 8.6% increase in the value of the basket half. Results also at a qualitative level, rejuvenating the brand and capturing younger clients , thus retaining a much younger population.

Which Wallet Com headline would you like to read on Marketing4eCommerce in a couple of years?

«Wallet Com, leader in southern Europe in Wallet communication technology, opens a new office in Latin America».

How do you think this type of technology will evolve in the coming years?

Without a doubt, its growth will be exponential. Customers choose reliable, relevant and valuable information, our channel has no spam, no phishing, no memes, only valuable information in real time and personalized offers with the tastes and needs of each customer.

quick quiz

  • What is the first social network you open in the day? Whatsapp, although it is an instant messaging system more than a social network, then Linkedin, without a doubt.
  • iOS or Android? Always iOS but for work also Android.
  • App or website? It depends for what, but better than App or Web, the Wallet.
  • In which eCommerce and how long ago did you make your last online purchase? HaciendaGuzman  makes a week to buy extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.
  • And it was? A unique, exceptional oil of limited production V Centenario to give away.
  • Last book read? Blockchain, the industrial revolution of the internet by Alex Preukschat.
  • Recommend us a fiction series: I recommend 2: Mr. Robot and The Expanse, and Peaky Blinders in non-fiction.
  • What website have you come across lately that has surprised you for the better? the first marketplace in Spain for refurbished mobiles, which allows anyone to have an iPhone without having to spend 1,000 euros. The reconditioned market is going to grow in Spain in a brutal way.
  • What is your favorite thing to do that has nothing to do with digital? Being with my wife and children, practicing Kite-Surfing and playing tennis.
  • Let’s spin a magic chain: Which acquaintance of yours (from another company) do you think we should interview? To Gonzalo Guillén, head of the family business Acesur, a leader in the olive oil sector worldwide that is carrying out the largest digital transformation in the sector.

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