5 tips before putting a musical instrument up for sale

Are you thinking of putting up for sale a musical instrument that no longer keeps up with you? If so, you are in the right place!

We are going to tell you how to sell your musical instrument quickly and safely , but before that it is important that you get it ready and we are going to tell you how. Know more about friends puzzle.

Take note because there are 5 very useful tips that you should apply before putting a musical instrument up for sale. Let’s start!

Clean the musical instrument you want to sell well

How could it be otherwise, the first piece of advice we give you before putting a musical instrument up for sale has to do with cleaning. In these cases, first impressions do count. A little trick so that the instrument you want to put up for sale looks like new is to clean it as if you were going to give the concert of your life, right, this indication does not need to give more details?

Remember that musical instruments are not only made up of or what our eyes see. The magic is inside. If that instrument you want to give a second life to is a piano, you’re in luck ! Here we leave you a guide to leave it as new.

Check that it has all the essential parts before putting it up for sale

This point is essential for that musical instrument that you want to sell to have a second life, or what is the same, to recreate melodies like the first day.

In addition to the accessories of the instrument, the conservation of its original case is another of the invoices that will help you obtain a good price when selling your musical instrument. You might be interested in clementoni puzzle.

Put it to the test tuning it

If you want your instrument to continue to soundtrack someone else’s life, this step is key. Make sure your instrument is on point, or in other words, give the “C chest”!

Before putting your musical instrument up for sale, take some pictures of it!

Do not skip this step because it may seem irrelevant, but it is one of the most important. Think that all those people who are looking for a second-hand musical instrument like the one you are going to sell, will want to see it before.

Find a clean surface where there is good natural light, this never fails to take attractive photos of any musical instrument. Take multiple photos, from different angles and showing as much detail as possible. For example:

  • Take a couple of photos of the instrument inside its case from different angles (if it’s the original, the better).
  • If your instrument is removable, take photos of the instrument disassembled and 100% assembled.
  • If it is an electronic instrument, do not forget to take a picture next to the power supply that connects to the light and the connection pins. The same, in case it has buttons.
  • If it is a string instrument, it is important that you take a photo showing the state of the pegs.

Collect all its characteristics and describe it as it deserves

The final advice arrives, but not for that reason the least important. Prepare a description as detailed as possible of the musical instrument you want to sell and do not forget to collect the following information:

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Own characteristics depending on the instrument you want to sell (for example, if it includes an allen key in the case of guitars or the neck in the case of some wind instruments…)

If you still have the instruction book for your instrument, you can consult all these details there and if you no longer have it, we recommend you consult it on the manufacturer’s website. Know more about christmas crackers.

How and where to put a musical instrument for sale

Now that you know how to tune up your musical instrument before selling it, all you have to do is decide how and where to do it.

You can choose to do it in one of the online sales portals that you will find on the net and, in that case, you will have to work on the marketing of your product. That is, create an ad that is attractive to potential buyers and negotiate the sale with them. When we talk about negotiating, we are not only referring to the price for which you will sell your musical instrument, but also the delivery method, which in the best of cases you can do by hand avoiding shipping costs.

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